Porter Ricks play Düsseldorf's Kunstakademie

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  • The duo will perform inside the city's famous arts academy as part of an ongoing events series.
  • Porter Ricks play Düsseldorf's Kunstakademie image
  • Porter Ricks will perform inside Düsseldorf's Kunstakademie on Monday, April 13th. Dub techno duo Andy Mellwig and Thomas Köner follow previous guests at the experimental event series like Abdulla Rashim and Vakula. They'll play on the third floor of the Kunstakademie, a 250-year-old art school, in a long hall surrounded by Renaissance sculptures. The show begins at 9 PM, and an afterparty will take place in another part of the Kunstakademie. Porter Ricks will also hold production workshops in Düsseldorf on April 14th and 15th as part of the trip—these will be open to the public. The Kunstakademie has close links with Salon Des Amateurs, which was featured on RA back in January.