Ilpo Väisänen presents Communist Dub

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  • The former Pan Sonic man's second album arrives in May.
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  • I-LP-O In Dub's Communist Dub is out through Editions Mego on May 11th. Väisänen's best known for his work with Mika Vainio as one-half of Pan Sonic, the Finnish experimental duo who applied extreme volume and dub techniques to the musical language of techno. Väisänen's solo output has been rather limited, with only one album (2001's Asuma, also on Mego) and a few EPs to his name. (He's also a member of experimental group Angel, who had an album on the label last summer.) The I-LP-O In Dub alias finds Väisänen experimenting with spacious dub soundscapes once again, offering the listener the choice "to be pummelled into submission or to reflect on their situation," according to the press release. Despite the abstract nature of this music, the political themes behind Communist Dub are pointed, referencing revolution in the Ukraine and Libya. The label says "Communist Dub is a ruthless criticism of everything existing, but one ultimately tempered by hope." Check out "Crocodile Submerged" below.
    Tracklist 01. Gulag General 02. Father Sun Rudealis 03. Donbass Hybrid 04. Crocodile Submerged 05. Donetsk Diciplies 06. Kolyma Stoned 07. Rudealis Dub 08. Vorkuta Ground Pipe 09. Uncle Ho Sticks 10. Benghazi Affair Editions Mego will release Communist Dub on May 11th, 2015.