Numbers to issue DJ Deeon best-of EP

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  • The 12-inch release includes remastered versions and is out in March.
  • Numbers to issue DJ Deeon best-of EP image
  • DJ Deeon's Deeon Doez Deeon! EP will be released by Numbers on March 23rd. The producer's mid-'90s productions helped form the Chicago ghetto house sound. His releases for Ray Barney's Dance Mania fetch hefty sums on Discogs and hold up as effective, fun club tracks. The Numbers crew had Deeon play their tenth anniversary party in New York in 2013 and his music has been a constant at their events over the past twelve years. The reissued tunes have been mastered from the original DAT tapes. The EP's opener, "2 B Free," contains a recognizable Loose Joints sample and was originally released on Dance Mania in 1996. The rest of the comp presents a window into Deeon's more banging ("House-O-Matic") and lurid ("Freak Like Me") material. Stream "Freak Like Me" below.
    Tracklist 01. 2 B Free 02. House-O-Matic 03. Freak Like Me 04. The 604 Numbers will release DJ Deeon's Deeon Doez Deeon! on March 23rd, 2015.