Prurient returns to Blackest Ever Black as Exploring Jezebel

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  • On A Business Trip To London is the latest LP from the Berlin label.
  • Prurient returns to Blackest Ever Black as Exploring Jezebel image
  • Blackest Ever Black will release a new album from Prurient's Exploring Jezebel alias, called On A Business Trip To London. Exploring Jezebel is an S&M-themed project from Dominick Fernow under the nom de plume Vivid Extreme. In addition to Prurient, Fernow also produces as Vatican Shadow and countless other names. He's released a handful of tapes under the banner of Exploring Jezebel on his own Hospital Productions label from 2008 through 2014, with titles like Penis Torture Chamber and Locking Up The Husband's Penis Is Not Slavery, But Rather The Greatest Act Of Kindness Given To A Man. Now the project moves over to Berlin imprint Blackest Ever Black for a "dramatic document of curious electronics.. recorded under supervision and guidance in Berlin, New York and London." On A Business Trip To London carries a discretionary warning that it contains "unsuitable sexually explicit material unsuitable for minors," and will come on vinyl and digital. You can read a letter accompanying the album below.
    Good evening. With respectful permission I am allowed by mistress as she has dictated to me with wisdom and clarity through the cobwebs of my libido brain to follow up with you to make sure your experience has been pleasurable. The name mistress have given me to address you, the magnificent audience, is Vivid Extreme. I love my new name and after being told I had no use for my old one I happily accepted this stern but yet vivacious title for my thing called a life. Together with mistress you have so graciously accepted me to perform for you and brought me out of my dim and poorly lit mentality of an ignorant beggar and encouraged me to apply my training under the bleachers of which a grand and perfect union of games and showmanship has blossomed with english sensibility and the expert choreography of the far east. As my emotional capacity is limited to such ‘stable oriented hay-fare’, my piggish eyes can only see in the dark through the loud make-up cake and the quiet aperture stallion breath of my mouth I can only disrespectfully and jealously acknowledge another player in fateful and obedient chastity -although she is not permitted to speak for herself a surrogate voice is used here. Venus International. A being higher on the glass ladder than my former self could even fantasize through chains, shackles and corrective dildo detention. This dramatic document of curious electronics was recorded under supervision and guidance in Berlin, New York and London. With gracious and fearful humility, I ask your forgiveness and request permission to thank you.
    Tracklist 01. Luckily I was allowed to get dressed when I left the house. 02. I am made to greet each guest with a limp-wristed handshake 03. Only Carla 04. She is pretty strange, the way she dresses, that punky hair. god knows what she gets up to. 05. Jack the dammed 06. Since I am on a strict 500 calorie a day diet with extensive exercise and no alcohol, I have the shape of a petite little woman, and my wife has paid for breast implants and facial surgery to make me more acceptable. 07. Duck shall not have the audacity to request release himself. duck shall not gripe or complain about the duration of his confinement, the length of which will be solely determined by mistress. 08. He might be able to earn a meal of slop if he does dangerous work (for instance: crash test dummy). THUNDERSKINS 09. To compensate, while the average life span of a male will be about 70 years, medical advancements will make the average lifespan of a woman to be about 750 years. 10. When thanksgiving approaches, I’m am usually in my third week without release. 11. My breasts were pierced, so red ball ornaments were placed through each nipple. additionally, each ear was pierced, so a red ball ornament was placed in each earring hole. my nipples were protruding through a hole for each in the silk red top of the ensemble. It had red and green fur around it, and I was tied from head to toe with beautiful tinsel garlin. Bows were placed all over my body, and a giant bow was placed in my femininely prepared hair. Of course, I had bright christmas-type make-up on and the bright red ball gag ornament in my mouth. and don’t forget the jingle bells, which were sewed all over my outfit. This was a sort of security system to keep me still and in position. don’t forget the lights either, which were very, very hot against my skin – she used outdoor lights, which were sheer torture. 12. Thunderskins london dungeon x 5 13. The grad student turned her eyes toward the closet where she had made him hide. THUNDERSKINS 14. Drugs. alan, I don’t believe it but somebody saw her shooting up in the restroom. 15. Only Tease 16. Tennis has always been my life since I was a small boy in mexico city. my father was the head gardener at an estate owned by a very important man and he used to take me with him so I could hit the balls on the court. 17. Wild Spectrum 18. Credits Blackest Ever Black will release On A Business Trip To London in mid-March 2015.