Sascha Dive revives The Basic Collective

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  • The fourth instalment in the German's well-known series arrives six years after it went on hiatus.
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  • Sascha Dive has announced a new instalment in his long-dormant The Basic Collective series. The Basic Collective was a string of three EPs released on Sascha Dive's own Deep Vibes Recordings in 2007 and 2008. The records are among Sascha Dive's best-known work, epitomising the warm, groove-led house sound he and Frankfurt area producers like Christian Burkhardt, Marcus Fix and Dorian Paic helped popularise throughout the '00s. The fourth instalment arrives over six years after Part 3, and picks up right where the series left off. Five tracks feature on the new EP, which is very much in the same reductionist, bottom-heavy style of Dive's past productions. Samples of the record, which drops in March, are streaming below.
    Tracklist 01. Gangster Of Love (All That Funk) 02. Rapin Black 03. Bdown Variation 1005 04. Deeper And Deeper 05. Mystery Deep Vibes Recordings will release The Basic Collective EP (Part 4) in March 2015.