Bossa Nova undergoes renovation to expand capacity

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    Tue, 20 Jan 2015, 20:33
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  • The Bushwick techno bar will be closed until early February, management explains.
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  • Bossa Nova Civic Club will be closed for the next two weeks while undergoing renovation to expand its legal capacity. "We are obtaining a Place of Assembly permit that would essentially double our legal capacity," manager John Barclay explained to RA. "We are required to replace the storefront, this time with two exits, to re-do the concrete ramps and steps to correspond to the new storefront and also to do some light electrical work." The renovations will allow Bossa Nova, which has experienced difficulties with permitting and fire code issues since it opened in late 2012, to re-open their closed backyard space, while increasing capacity to 142 people, Barclay hopes. The venue is aiming to hit the ground running with a February 26th release party for Bushwick Is Melting Vol. 2, their second compilation with Brooklyn label Sisterjam that features Black Meteoric Star, Lorna Dune and J Slusher.
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