Touch plans Biosphere and Deathprod split LP

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  • Stator is due out in late March.
  • Touch plans Biosphere and Deathprod split LP image
  • UK experimental institution Touch is readying a split album from Biosphere and Deathprod, titled Stator. The two Norwegian artists have been producing ambient and other abstract musical forms on their own for well over two decades. Biosphere, real name Geir Jenssen, is likely known best for his classic 1997 album Substrata, though he's put out more than a dozen LPs since then, including many for Touch and his own label Biophon. Meanwhile, Deathprod, AKA Helge Sten (once part of the band Motorpsycho), has explored somewhat darker sounds, and maintains a constant studio presence with plenty of technical credits. Jenssen and Sten have worked together before, but it's been a while: they reconfigured music from the composer Arne Nordheim for a split full-length back in 1999, Nordheim Transformed. They'll take a similar approach on Stator. (As a press release points out, the title is an engineering term for "the stationary part of a rotary machine or device," derived from the Latin term for "one who stands.") The roughly 40 minute-long album features three original tracks from Biosphere and four from Deathprod, and Sten himself took care of the mastering. It'll come in twelve-inch vinyl and CD formats. Tracklist 01. Biosphere - Muses-C 02. Deathprod - Shimmer/Flicker 03. Biosphere - Baud 04. Deathprod - Polychromatic 05. Deathprod - Disc 06. Biosphere - Space Is Fizzy 07. Deathprod - Optical Touch will release Stator on March 30th, 2015.