Denovali to release new and old LPs from Ricardo Donoso

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  • The Boston artist will issue two records through the German label in January.
  • Denovali to release new and old LPs from Ricardo Donoso image
  • Denovali Records will release Ricardo Donoso's Sarava Exu, as well as a vinyl edition of his 2010 effort, Deterrence, on January 30th. The Brazilian-born Donoso came to underground recognition via his albums and EPs for Digitalis, especially Assimilating The Shadow, a record which inhabits a space between ambient, modern synth music and non-traditional dance floor fare. His latest full-length, Saravu Exu, is inspired by Brazilian mysticism and takes on the theme of the "descent." The label says: "Sarava Exu is a symphonic poem of a Quimbanda ritual and the musical accompaniment of Descent into one's own personal hell." To provide some context for the new work, the imprint will also reissue Deterrence, a 2010 LP previously available in a cassette edition of 80. Donoso, who has done time as a drummer for death metal act Ehnahre and studied composition at Berklee College of Music, crafted the dark ambient record with an emphasis on enveloping sound design. Check out "Vesperum" off the new album below.
    Saravu Exu Tracklist 01. Crepusculum 02. Vesperum 03. Conticinium 04. Intempestiva 05. Gallicinium 06. Matutinum 07. Diluculum 7 Deterrence Tracklist 01. Simulated Charity 02. War of Attrition 03. Prisoner's Dilemma 04. Axiom of Choice 05. Mutual Assured Destruction Denovali Records will release Ricardo Donoso's Saravu Exu and Deterrence on January 30th, 2015.