Floating Points and Isonoe unveil rotary mixer

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  • Built to alleviate the "bottle-neck" caused by playing impeccably produced music through lower-quality circuitry, the FP might be the highest-end DJ mixer on the market.
  • Floating Points and Isonoe unveil rotary mixer image
  • Isonoe has collaborated with Floating Points on an ultra-high end DJ mixer. The company is best known for making audiophile-quality accoutrements for DJs, like grade-A tonearms and feedback-isolation feet for Technics 1200s. The FP Mixer, as it's been dubbed, takes things one step further. Apparently the London-based DJ and producer, real name Sam Shepherd, came to Isonoe with the request that they bring the same ethos to a standalone DJ mixer. As a detailed product spec posted to Floating Points' Facebook page puts it, "in comparison with the quality of equipment employed to record and mix much of his record collection, the DJ mixer represented a bottle-neck." The FP, which boasts a two-channel rotary design with an isolator section, does a whole lot under the hood to alleviate it: the circuitry is all single-ended class A, and many of the features are described as "World-Firsts in a DJ mixer." Isonoe hasn't mentioned a drop date or any details about price, but Shepherd writes that one has been "lurking at [London club] Plastic People" for the past few months. The FP Mixer is coming soon from Isonoe.