Frank Bretschneider announces Sinn+Form

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  • The Raster-Noton boss will perform the new album live in LA this weekend.
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  • Raster-Noton will release Frank Bretschneider's Sinn+Form in early 2015. The label states Sinn+Form, which translates to 'meaning and form,' "is based on the idea of a fundamentally chaotic world as we know it from mathematical or physical theories and models (dynamical systems, probability theory, stochastic systems) and the constant attempt of man to recognize and to describe, predict, control and change this world." The German musician typically works with sine waves, white noise and other simple audio, but had access to the EMS facilities during a July 2014 residency. EMS just celebrated its 50th year in existence, having played host to vanguard producers from Stockhausen to Mark Fell. This Sunday sees the Los Angeles premiere of Sinn+Form. The live modular synthesizer performance will be accompanied by visuals courtesy of a software-generated correlation meter (also known as a goniometer). LA-based experimental vet Gregg Kowalsky will join him on the bill, carrying out a piece for eight guitar amps. The promoter Volume, self-described as, "a catalyst for interdisciplinary new media work through exhibitions, performances, events, lectures and publications," recently co-released Suite Nuit, a 2004 live collaboration between Bretschneider and Steve Roden. Check out the visual clip for "Wave Of The Week" below.
    Tracklist 01. Pattern Recognition 02. Crisis? What Crisis? 03. Fehlfunktion 04. Free Market 05. Funkstille 06. Data Mining 07. Wave Of The Week 08. The Machinery Of Freedom Raster-Noton will release Frank Bretschneider's Sinn+Form in early 2015.