bvdub writes a requiem for Tanto

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  • The prolific ambient producer's 'raw' new album is dedicated to his deceased cat.
  • bvdub writes a requiem for Tanto image
  • bvdub will release a new LP called Tanto on December 2nd. Brock Van Wey's newest record is meant "as a tribute to life itself," and was recorded live over a week—one track each day—after the passing of his cat Tanto, who he describes as his "brother and best friend." It marks a reopening of his Quietus label, which has been dormant since 2011, and is made and printed locally in the Bay Area "on an actual printing press, using real paper and ink." 100 percent of proceeds from the LP will go to benefit the UC Davis Center for Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Check an excerpt from Van Wey's letter below.
    From one of, if not the darkest times in my life, I wanted to honor a life with good and beauty, the way he deserved. The result is my first 'live' album, in that all tracks were done in one take, one each day for six days, recorded raw and untouched... not a story, not a narrative, but a direct account of the saddest, emptiest, most helpless days of my life, after I was forced let my brother and best friend leave this life... and everything I wish I could have told him as he slipped from my world in front of my eyes, and in my arms. But it is not entirely an album of sadness and anger... it is as much my wish to show a life of beauty and pure, unadulterated love, and my love for someone who meant the world to me. The end result is an unbridled recording that is as much joy as pain, and as much hope as despair.
    Tracklist 01. I Break All Around You 02. You Tell Me To Be Strong 03. As We Remember A Life Of Love 04. I Pray To A Godless Sky 05. And I Want To Be As Strong As You 06. But I Am Broken Quietus will release Tanto on December 2nd, 2014.