MANIK, Kingdom booked at Primary

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  • Aeroplane and Kevin Saunderson, among others, will play the Chicago club in the coming weeks.
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  • Primary has lined up many of its bookings for the rest of November. As usual, the Division Street club's programming combines 4/4 talent along with a few more eclectic bookings. Tonight is a Mostly Disco night, thrown with 1833, featuring Aeroplane. Tomorrow night has Warp Records artist Rustie playing for Them Flavors, who will also host Hyperdub's Champion next Thursday. Among the other highlights coming up are MANIK as well as veteran jocks Kevin Saunderson and Gene Farris, who're both billed on Wednesday the 19th. Primary also has a handful of Sunday-night Pool House sessions on the schedule—Sharam Jey will appear this weekend, and otherwise the program is heavy on local talent, with Iz & Diz, Max Jacobson, Dino G. and Jason Patrick due for appearances. Looking a little further ahead, a December event has been announced on Friday the 12th—another Them Flavors party, this one with Fade To Mind boss Kingdom.