Vestax appears to have gone bust

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  • DJ Tech Tools has pieced together clues suggesting that the Japanese music manufacturer ceased operations sometime around the end of August.
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  • Vestax appears to have gone out of business. Last week, DJ Tech Tools received a tip from a Japanese reader that Teikoku News Online had posted that "'Vestax'. Co., Ltd. has ceased operations August 31," as part of wider reporting on declines in Japanese manufacturing. Though DJ Tech Tools say they haven't received confirmation, they've dug up supporting evidence in their post about the revelation: Vestax appears to have been silent on social media since July; the company hasn't released any new products in the last year, didn't unveil anything at NAMM 2014 and didn't have a presence at this year's BPM in Birmingham; though their US distributor, American Music & Sound, dropped them this year, Vestax's US support line still links to them; and a dedicated Vestax shop in LA, To The Core, shuttered in August. The website speculates that the company's lack of a dedicated DJ software platform à la Native Instruments, plus the wider problem of the yen's drop in value, could explain why the otherwise highly regarded company could have gone bust.