Jaga Jazzist's A Livingroom Hush gets boxed set reissue

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  • Celebrating the band's 20th anniversary, the package also includes unreleased demos and new remixes.
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  • Jaga Jazzist will mark their 20th birthday with a deluxe reissue of A Livingroom Hush, due out on December 16th. The Norwegian collective, currently an eight piece, was started back in 1994 by the Horntveth brothers in the small town of Tønsberg. They're known for their ambitious live performances and sprawling, creative take on electronic music, infused with jazz sensibilities and a penchant for improvisation. Rather than a full career retrospective, their two-decade celebration, '94-'14, instead focuses on 2001's A Livingroom Hush which is generally considered their breakthrough and most important record. Ninja Tune will handle the hefty reissue, which features the full album on vinyl along with four unreleased demos from the same session as bonus digital tracks. Two extra 12-inches offer eight new remixes, including contributions from Machinedrum, Teebs, Illum Sphere and Clark, whose remix of "Bananfluer Overalt" is up for streaming below. Finally, there's also a booklet with photos and liner notes from All About Jazz's John Kelman.
    Tracklist A Livingroom Hush 01. Animal Chin 02. Going Down 03. Press Play 04. Airborne 05. Real Racecars Have Doors 06. Low Battery 07. Midget 08. Made For Radio 09. Lithuania 10. Cinematic Remix 12-inch #1 A1 Bananfluer Overalt (Clark Remix) A2 Music! Dance! Drama! (Big Black Delta Remix) B1 Kitty Wu (Machinedrum Remix) B2 Toccata (Teebs Remix) Remix 12-inch #2 A1 Rose Heiress (Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Remix) A2 Oslo Skyline (Moiré Remix) B1 Toccata (Illum Sphere Remix) B2 Toccata (Invader Ace Remix) Ninja Tune will release '94-'14 on December 16th, 2014.