Clone Classic Cuts announces Jovonn retrospective

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  • A double-LP and sampler 12-inch will focus on the house producer's Goldtone label.
  • Clone Classic Cuts announces Jovonn retrospective image
  • Clone Classic Cuts will reissue a collection of tracks from Jovonn's short-lived Goldtones label this November. Jovonn, born Allen Armstrong in Brooklyn, is an integral piece of the New York and New Jersey house music story. After his second record, Turn And Runaway, became a Billboard hit, Armstrong would start Goldtone as an outlet mostly reserved for his own productions. The label's brief run from 1991 to 1994 represented a purple patch for the producer, who released a string of jazzy vocal house productions. His music has stood the test of time: Rush Hour and Clone have recently re-released some classic Jovonn tracks (such as the 1992 House Ala Carte EP issued on Classic Cuts), while Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer were called in to remix his 1994 tune "Garage Shelter" as Tuff City Kids last year. In addition to a double album called Goldtones due out on vinyl, CD and digital formats in late November, Clone will issue a sampler 12-inch earlier that month. Alden Tyrell has been tapped to remaster the tunes, having completed the same task for Clone's extensive Drexciya reissue campaign. Check out some samples below.
    Tracklist Goldtones LP 01. Flutes 165th Street Mix 02. It's Gonna Be Alright (Be Smoove Dub) 03. Nite Roads 04. Be Free (Vocal Mix) 05. Back to NY/NJ 06. Don't Wanna Let U Go 07. Crying Strings 08. Back to House (Jovonns Classic Goldhouse Mix) Goldtones 12-inch 01. Erson's Keys 02. Where Did House Go (Did Goldhouse Mix) 03. N.Y.N.J. 04. Pianos of Gold (Goldhouse EP) Clone Classic Cuts will release the Goldtones 12-inch sampler in early November. The album collection will follow later that month.