Ancient Methods remixes Bourbonese Qualk's Lies

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  • The UK outfit will also have lots of its original material re-released on vinyl through Mannequin Records.
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  • "Lies," a track from the now-defunct UK experimental group Bourbonese Qualk, will get new life by way of a vinyl release on Mannequin Records with Ancient Methods on remix duties. Bourbonese Qualk came into existence in 1979, and put out a stream of confrontational albums through much of the '80s and into the early '90s. After a long pause, their final album, On Uncertainty, came out in 2001, and the band disbanded the next year after the death of guitarist Miles Miles. Since then they've made mp3s of their entire catalog freely available on their website. "Lies" originally came out in 1986 on the Preparing For Power LP by way of the group's own label Recloose Organization. A terse, electro-tinged cut just under two minutes long—you can hear it via the YouTube player below—"Lies" certainly sounds like the sort of stuff that Ancient Methods would take on. (He's also remixed more contemporary artists, like Whirling Hall Of Knives, Manni Dee and Headless Horseman, in 2014.) He'll contribute a remix and edit on the Mannequin release, which also features the original version. Along with that record, it looks like Mannequin will be collecting much more of Bourbonese Qualk's material for re-release, starting with Bourbonese Qualk 1983-1987, which draws on their first five albums and will come on double vinyl and CD. According to Simon Crab, a founding member of the group, it'll be the first of a series of reissues (and he's taking care of the artwork). After trying out "Lies," you can see the tracklist for that one below. All release dates are still TBA.
    Tracklist "Lies" A Lies (Ancient Methods Remix) B1 Lies (Original Version) B2 Lies (Ancient Methods Edit) Bourbonese Qualk 1983-1987 01. Dream Decade 02. Born Left Hearted 03. Pogrom 04. Soft City 05. Headstop 06. Gag 07. Outcry 08. Return To Order 09. Confrontation 10. In-flux 11. Qualk Street 12. Backlash 13. Sweat It Out 14. There Is No Night 15. God With Us 16. Blood Orange Bargain Day 17. Shutdown 18. Invocation 19. To Hell With The Consequences 20. Erector 21. Black Madonna 22. Suburb City 23. Workover 24. Deadbeat 25. Insurrection 26. This Is The Enemy Release dates for Mannequin Records' Bourbonese Qualk re-releases are still TBA.