Loscil reveals new album, Sea Island

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  • The Vancouver producer's next record will land on Kranky in November.
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  • Kranky will release Loscil's next LP on November 17th. Sea Island is Vancouver ambient artist Scott Morgan's first LP for Kranky since 2012's Sketches From New Brighton, and it follows a split EP with Fieldhead on Gizeh Records. Comprising a mixture of tried-and-tested live tracks and others written in the studio, the album reportedly "represents a range of compositional approaches" from deeply-layered textures to more improvisational methods, including work with acoustic instruments such as the piano, vibraphone and violin played by a cast of local musicians, as well as Seattle pianist Kelly Wyse and vocalist Ashley Pitre. Like much of Morgan's work, Sea Island is named for a place in Vancouver. In this case, it's the island that houses the city's international airport. You can stream opener "Ahull" below.
    Tracklist 01. Ahull 02. In Threes 03. Bleeding Ink 04. Sea Island Murders 05. Iona 06. Holding Pattern 07. Catalina 1943 08. Angle Of Loll 09. Sturgeon Bank 10. En Masse 11. Angle Of List Kranky will release Sea Island on November 17th.