Oliver Ho forms ZOV ZOV

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  • The UK techno veteran has unveiled a collaboration with fellow Londoner Tommy Gillard.
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  • Oliver Ho and Tommy Gillard will release a collaborative record as ZOV ZOV on September 9th. The pair have collaborated before, releasing one club-focussed 12-inch as Atlas back in 2010. Due out on Avian sublabel Mira, the beatless Ruin Lust is more experimental than the stripped-back 4/4 pulse of their collaborative debut, though. According to the record's press release, Ho and Gillard have been working on material together for almost ten years. Save for a few YouTube uploads, most of their stockpile hasn't seen the light of day. The pair explain the collaboration's name in this way: "ZOV ZOV [is] a new word to describe something unknown, something ancient and deep inside that floods from the depths of the earth." Tracklist 01. Rubble 02. Endless Lines 03. Clip 04. Devices Mira will release Ruin Lust on September 9th, 2014.