Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy release 11 11 album for free

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  • The duo's long-awaited collaborative effort is yours for free today via Beatport.
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  • Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy's 11 11 LP is finally here. The idea of a full-fledged collaboration between the Israeli producer and the Ibiza-loving hip-hop mogul has been floated for years now. it was only in July, however, that it seemed like a real release could come out of it, with first single "My Heart" landing out of nowhere. Now the two have finally made good on their promise, delivering the full 11-track album for free. Released through Gerber's Rumors label, the press materials claim that 11 11 is "disruptive of the current main-stage malaise, and was germinated before the current electronic explosion," and say it's geared towards afterhours parties rather than big-tent festival stages. You can grab the whole thing for free over at Beatport. Tracklist 01. Never Walk Alone 02. Angels 03. Floating Messiah 04. Terminal K 05. Broken Windows 06. I Hear Her Calling Me 07. Tourist Trap 08. Indian Summer 09. Let Go 10. Lifted 11. My Heart Rumors released Guy Gerber and Diddy's 11 11 on August 20th, 2014.