Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN curate Air Texture IV

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  • Each artist has overseen a disc for the fourth edition of the CD series.
  • Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN curate Air Texture IV image
  • Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN are next up in the annual Air Texture series. In keeping with tradition, Air Texture have asked the two artists to oversee one disc each, with the results presented as an unmixed double-CD compilation. The focus of the series leans towards experimental electronic music. Hauschildt, the former Emeralds man, uses his disc to explore ambient and drone territory, with Mirror To Mirror, Heathered Pearls and Gu¨nter Schlienz featured. BNJMN, the UK producer who's appeared on labels like Rush Hour and Svetlana Industries, has included Legowelt, Lukid, Teebs and Hieroglyphic Being among others. BNJMN told RA: "All of the tracks I included are from people that are close to me or that I had met at some point in my travels." He adds: "It was a very natural selection process and it surprised me how much alike some of the tracks were in terms of texture and overall feel as the selection started gaining momentum, not to say that each artist didn't have their own unique voice." Hauschildt had this to say: "The term itself has been in usage for nearly four decades, yet still there persists a draconian misconception that ambient music is background or wallpaper music. Because of this, my thought process was to select some musicians who use elements from what could be called 'traditional ambient' but whose work also erodes such a categorization. Our cultural environment is continuously shifting and changing and as a result music will never be exhausted of its vocabulary in terms of texture, tone and intention." He adds: "I wanted to enlarge the scope of electronic music as a reflection of a binary environment which is at odds with itself—one which is ethereal and tangible; dark yet pretty, complex yet minimal. It is a music which does not cater to instant gratification—instead it rewards patience and unfolds its beauty and structure slowly over time like the seasons. In that way, the music I selected strikes a balance between the ritualistic cycles of nature and the programmatic rigidity of the mechanical. It is not something to be played in the background reduced to an afterthought but rather it should be amplified, enjoyed and discussed in a wider context. " Tracklist CD 1: Selected by Steve Hauschildt 01. Steve Hauschildt - Watertowers 02. Mirror To Mirror - Crush Ambien 03. Le Re´ve´lateur - Another (Terminal) 04. Heathered Pearls – In Memory Form 05. Jonathan Fitoussi - Impressions 06. Pulse Emitter - Border Crossing 07. Dino Spiluttini - The Hostile Sea 08. Gu¨nter Schlienz - Dust 09. Forest Management - Remote Rail Ex 10. Event Cloak - One Or Twice 11. Sarah Davachi – As The morning 12. Steve Hauschildt – Pismo CD 2: Selected by BNJMN 01. BNJMN - The Gloom / Lovelight 02. Lukid - The Air You Breathe 03. Brighton - Sendme 04. Teebs - Whirling 84 05. Samoyed & Sam Playford-Greenwell - Bullocks Running 06. Legowelt – Vanished In Tromso 07. Best Available Technology - Sectomy 08. The Hers - Mindy 09. Vaghe Stelle - Sante 10. Herva - Seaside 11. BNJMN – Forgive 12. Hieroglyphic Being – Rumori Circostanti di Melody Pops & Clic & Silenzio Air Texture will release Air Texture IV on November 3rd, 2014.