Lee Gamble reveals full details of new LP, KOCH

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  • The UK producer's next PAN release is a double album due out in September.
  • Lee Gamble reveals full details of new LP, KOCH image
  • Lee Gamble's next album, KOCH, will drop on September 12th. The UK experimentalist first came to prominence in 2012 with the Diversions 1994-1996 EP, an abstract sound collage stitched together from the ambient passages of jungle tracks. He followed it up a few months later with an LP of more techno-oriented music, Dutch Tvashar Plumes, which RA's Angus Finlayson called "a singular take on dance floor mechanics." Both were released on Berlin label PAN, which will also handle KOCH. Pronounced "cotch," the new LP "dives even deeper to reveal a singular and intimate musical vantage point, shifting to approaching music as projection, state, hallucination, an other place," according to PAN, and is more focused on themes of the future than the backwards-looking Diversions. It'll be preceded by a three-track EP in August called Kuang. The Wire recently premiered opening track "Untitled Reversion," which you can listen to over here. We spoke to Gamble via e-mail to discuss the new album.
    This is your first album recorded after you broke through with Diversions and Dutch Tvashar Plumes. Did you feel a sense of pressure about where to go next? No. This album is much longer than your other PAN records. What was the recording process like? The music on KOCH is made up of some music i have written in the past couple of years, some of it is from the Diversions and Tvashar period and before, but didn't (for one reason or another) make it onto those records. Some was made very recently. Was the album influenced by your recent experiences playing out? Sure, to a certain point. Sonically, I think these new records have developed in that sense. Trying to get a sound that doesn't rely on a more obviously efficient sonicity but also connects in larger spaces and speaker systems is something I have been working on. I'm always trying to find that balance. To make a record that can be a home listening experience and one that I can take out to places like Berghain, for instance... Your music has long been concerned with the idea of phantom or imagined sounds, especially in the context of the post-rave headspace. Does KOCH continue with this idea? It's not as explicit—but sure, my interest in hallucination, memory, phantasm, deconstruction etc. continues. As I've said before, all producers and artists have some reason(s) to create something. It was nice to be very specific about those interests with the records from 2012 though, so people had some context to listen with. With KOCH and Kuang these and other ideas are there, but I'm not spelling it out as much this time around. All I can say is that with these records, (KOCH in particular) is that apart from them working as just music to listen to, I'm concerned with the notion of dragging you in and out of some space. Like, where the fuck are you in all this? Being there. It's more ambiguous, less logocentric perhaps? The title(s) are smaller at least. Where does the title come from? It's from a text I'm writing.
    Tracklist Kuang EP A1 Kali Wave A2 Mimas Skank B1 Girl Drop Koch A1 Untitled Reversion A2 Motor System A3 You Concrete A4 Nueme B1 Oneiric Contur B2 Head Model B3 HMix B4 Frame Drag C1 Voxel City Spirals C2 Yehudi Lights Over Tottenham C3 Jove Layup D1 Ornith-Mimik D2 Caudata D3 Flatland D4 Gillsman D5 6EQUJ5-7 PAN will release Koch on September 12th, 2014.