Pioneer unveils the PLX-1000 turntable

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  • The CDJ maker are bringing multiple tempo control options, a tempo reset button and more to a very classic design next month.
  • Pioneer unveils the PLX-1000 turntable image
  • Pioneer has revealed the details of the PLX-1000. The company is well known in the DJ world for its CDJ line of digital decks, but the PLX-1000, a direct drive turntable set for release next month, is about as analog as it gets. Rather than reinvent the wheel, they've put a very classic design back into circulation. (More on that here.) You'll find start/stop and 33/45 buttons on the left, a tempo fader on the right and an S-shaped tonearm hugging the platter. The tempo controls are the most noticeable change from the Technics classic—you can switch from the standard plus-or-minus 8 percent to 16 or even 50. They've also included a tempo reset button, like you'd find on higher model number Technics. The power, ground and phono cables are all removeable, and Pioneer says they've got some things going on under the hood to help with damping, isolation and feedback. See it all previewed in the video below.
    Pioneer will release the PLX-1000 in August 2014 for a suggested retail price of €699.