Pioneer updates rekordbox

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  • A new UI, an in-software crossfader for trying out mixes and a system for helping you match tracks are some of the new features for the set-prep software.
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  • Pioneer has unveiled the latest version of its rekordbox set-prep software. CDJs aren't so much CD players as industry-standard digital controllers, with music files being loaded in via USB sticks and SD memory cards. rekordbox provides a method for organizing and preparing those files, with the ability to add cue points and tap into some of the upmarket CDJs' more advanced features. This latest release, rekordbox 3.0, introduces a number of new features in addition to an overhaul of the software's UI, and many of them are aimed at helping you better choose what you play in your sets. You can now tag tracks, either with presets or your own creations. A new feature called Match lets you link tracks, which the software will then use to make suggestions about what to bring with you in the future. A Related Tracks feature will also make suggestions based on criteria like key or BPM. Other features include an in-software crossfader for testing out blends, the ability to view up to five playlists at once, improved sync and a tighter, more accurate beat grid. The video embedded below takes you a bit deeper into all of the above and more. The new release is now available for download. It's worth noting that Pioneer says it's ending support for previous releases now that 3.0 is here.
    rekordbox 3.0 is now available from Pioneer.