Cómeme compiles Gasoline

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  • Auntie Flo, Djs Pareja and Zombies In Miami all contribute tracks to the vinyl doublepack, which sees release next month.
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  • Cómeme is set to release a compilation called Gasoline in August. The label, founded by Matias Aguayo about five years ago as an outlet for artists like Rebolledo and Djs Pareja, has long pushed a whimsical yet seriously danceable club sound. Gasoline promises to come from the same mold, delivering nine tracks that are "100 percent dance floor approved by comemian DJs," as the label puts it. Gasoline features a number of artists from the Cómeme stable—Christian S., Djs Pareja and Ana Helder—along with new faces with imminently compatible sounds, like Auntie Flo and Zombies In Miami. The compilation is out in August, but for now, you can get into the Cómeme mood with our recent podcast from Cómeme Radio regular Lena Willikens. Tracklist A1 Auntie Flo - Jas A2 Christian S. & Bryan Kessler – Nebel Dance B1 Ana Helder - Gasoline B2 Vaskular feat. Valesuchi - Black Jesus C1 Djs Pareja & Alejandro Paz - Cógeme C2 Zombies in Miami - El Rito D1 Rous - A Bailar (Carisma Remix) D2 Voxels - K-Hauz D3 Djs Pareja - Si Señor Cómeme will release Gasoline on August 11th, 2014.