Chevel says Grazie1000

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  • The Italian techno producer has released a pair of "unedited albums" for free via his Enklav imprint.
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  • Chevel has just released two albums for free through his label, Enklav. The Italian techno experimenter and 2013 Breaking Through subject is calling the project Grazie1000. "As a way of saying thanks to all of you who have supported me in my musical journey so far I decided to release two unedited albums of my own for free," he writes. "Please download and spread the love!" The albums, which you can download here, are made up of previously unreleased material he recorded from 2009 up to the present, with the whole package totaling 31 tracks. Tracklist Sketches (2009-2012) 01. Algonquin 02. At Night 03. Break 04. E 05. Far 06. Here Again 07. Hoax 08. Notexibon 09. Risk 10. Stares 11. Surreal Dreams 12. Twenty-twenty 13. Undone 14. VW 15. Won’t Stop Drafts (2010-2014) 01. Adventures (Foggy Short Mix) 02. Captain Murphy 03. Dew 04. Falling 05. Fireworks 06. Fortnight 07. Hands 08. Hot News (feat. Evn) 09. Infinite Blue 10. Light Over The NIght 11. Los Santos Theme 12. Night Drive 13. Poc 14. Sun Sequence 15. The Capsize 16. The Guardian Sketches (2009-2012) and Drafts (2010-2014) are now available on Enklav.