Phil Moffa preps first solo EP

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  • "Elevation" / "ENO-UGH" will come out via Most Excellent Unltd. near the end of the month.
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  • NYC techno producer Phil Moffa is getting ready to release his first solo record, "Elevation" / "ENO-UGH." Moffa is a devoted gear-head and engineer—he runs his own studio, Butcha Sound Studios—as well as a professor of studio production at State University of New York's Purchase College. (He's also one of the tech writers here at RA.) Aside from a growing list of technical credits and a few one-off solo cuts, he might be best known for the collaborative releases he's done with fellow New Yorkers Anthony Parasole, DJ Spider (this one had a solo track on it, too) and Paul Raffaele over the past couple years. Raffaele is also involved with "Elevation" / "ENO-UGH," as it'll be released through his own label Most Excellent Unltd. The four-track EP will be available only on vinyl in a run of 400 copies. You can hear clips via the SoundCloud player below.
    Tracklist A1 Elevation A2 Elevation (Beats) B1 ENO-UGH B2 ENO-UGH (Recital) Most Excellent Unltd. will release "Elevation" / "ENO-UGH" in late June, 2014.