Sound Pellegrino presents Raw Club Material

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  • The next compilation in the French label's SND.PE series will come out later this month, featuring Ratchett Traxxx, Rabit and more.
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  • Sound Pellegrino has announced SND.PE 3: Raw Club Material, due for release on June 16th. This one follows hot on the heels of the Parisian label's SND.PE 2, which focused on unusual collaborations. As we said then, Sound Pellegrino has been "bridging bass music and house before it seemed like a natural thing to do," and that looks to continue with the third volume. This time the idea is "functional club use," with 13 new tracks commissioned especially for the project by boss men Teki Latex and Orgasmic. A press release adds that the sounds here are "brutal and candid, stripped-down and textured, all conveying a vague and limitless idea of techno." There are a number of newer faces on SND.PE 3, including mysterious Chicago producer (and loudmouth internet presence) Ratchett Traxxx, someone called Track ID, Rushmore, Texan grime-head Rabit, Deke Soto and Low Concept, a collaboration between Physical Therapy and Renaissance Man. Many of the usual suspects are present too, Japanese group Crystal and Matthias Zimmermann among them. Check out Rabit's Coil-referencing "Thug Rotorvator" below.
    Tracklist 01. Track ID - 2 02. K-Lagane - She's So Fine 03. Ratchet Traxxx - On Top feat. Paul Fisher 04. Friendship - Phreak Mania 05. Deke Soto - Black Ice 06. Toyc - Analogue Drums 07. Low Concept - Girlfriend 08. Nicolas Malinowsky - Crash 09. Rabit - Thug Rotorvator 10. Crystal - Underwater 11. Rushmore - Evertrack 12. Joe Howe & Matthias Zimmerman - Jules 13. Koyote - No Desillusion Baby Sound Pellegrino will release SND.PE 3 on June 16th, 2014.