Tresor reissue Drexciya's debut album, Neptune's Lair

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  • The Detroit duo's landmark LP is set for re-release in May.
  • Tresor reissue Drexciya's debut album, Neptune's Lair image
  • Drexciya's 1999 album Neptune's Lair is being reissued on vinyl and CD by Tresor. Neptune's Lair was James Stinson and Gerald Donald's first album as Drexciya, and it went a long way to establishing the veil of intrigue that still hangs over their work to this day. Tresor is also releasing 2000's Hydro Doorways 12-inch, which forms a kind of companion record to Neptune's Lair. Both are set for release on May 26th. The label has a few other Drexciya releases in its vaults, including the 2002 album Harnessed The Storm. Drexciya has been on the receiving end of a Clone retrospective series in recent times, with the Dutch label overseeing the Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller releases. The four editions so far have pulled together rare, classic and unreleased tunes from the project, which ended with Stinson's passing in 2002. Tracklist 01. Intro: Temple Of Dos De Aqua 02. Andreaen Sand Dunes 03. Running Out Of Space 04. Universal Element 05. Habitat 'O' Negative 06. Funk Release Valve 07. Organic Hydropoly Spores 08. Draining Of The Tanks 09. Surface Terrestrial Colonization 10. Oxyplasmic Gyration Beam 11. Triangular Hydrogen Strain 12. Bottom Feeders 13. C To The Power Of X + C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown Tresor will release Neptune's Lair and Hydro Doorways on May 26th, 2014.