DJ Harvey unveils his Wildest Dreams

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  • The UK artist will release his next album in July.
  • DJ Harvey unveils his Wildest Dreams image
  • DJ Harvey has an album in the works for Smalltown Supersound under the name Wildest Dreams. Said to be inspired by the "landscape of LA," Wildest Dreams was reportedly recorded a couple of years ago over the course of a week. The alias is said to indulge the instrument-led side of Harvey's production style, which is evidenced by its lead track "Last Ride" (listen here). The track features some pretty raucous drums and guitars along with Harvey's vocals. The album follows on from 2011's Locussolus, which cut a middle path between electronic and acoustic production. Ahead of the release, Harvey has also released a sleazy, NSFW video trailer, which you can see below.
    Tracklist 01. Rollerskates 02. Boosh 03. Last Ride 04. 405 05. Pleasure Swell 06. Gypsy Eyes 07. Yes We Can Can 08. She Loves Me Not 09. Off The Lip 10. Scorpion Bay Smalltown Supersound will release Wildest Dreams on July 29th 2014.