Krampfhaft preps debut album

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  • Rwina Records will release Before We Leave in June.
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  • Krampfhaft will drop his debut album in June. The Utrecht-based producer first appeared on Dutch grime label Rwina Records in 2011 with the Makin Magic EP. That 12-inch, and 2012's follow-up First Threshold, were known as much for their intricate sound design as their flamboyant take on hip-hop inspired dance music. After a two year break he returns with Before We Leave, his debut full-length, which the label claims "rides a fine line between dancefloor and headspace" over its 16-track runtime. The label also notes there's a running theme of glitchy imperfection through the record, but judging from descriptions like "solid drums against grinding synth melodies," it seems like it'll be in step with his past work. Tracklist 01. Still 02. Superfluid 03. Frostbite 04. Clip Point 05. Unfold 06. Extrasolar 07. Spinner 08. Toekan 09. Before We Leave 10. Dormant Code 11. Mostly Empty Space 12. Veluwe 13. Everything Is Slowly Breaking 14. Immensely Small 15. Deleted And Alternate Scenes 16. Waiting For Emma Rwina Records will release Before We Leave in June, 2014.