Jamal Moss preps new album as IBM

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  • The Chicago artist's latest batch of off-centre explorations will see release via his own +++ label next month.
  • Jamal Moss preps new album as IBM image
  • Jamal Moss, AKA Hieroglyphic Being, has a new album on the way under his IBM alias. IBM, which stands for Insane Black Man, has been one of Jamal Moss's lesser-used pseudonyms down the years. His last full release under the name was a 12-inch for Crème Organization in 2008. His latest LP will see release via his Mathematics Recordings offshoot +++. The double-vinyl album bears a confrontational title—Eat My Fuck—and you can expect the music to be similarly uncompromising. The LP's track titles have a carnal, almost S&M edge ("Karma Sutra," "Oral Fixation," "Submit 2 Me," "AS-FIX-8" and more). Tracklist 01. Eat My Fuck 02. Rectum 03. Karma Sutra 04. Paradoxia 05. Into The Black Box 06. Oral Fixation 07. Fingered 08. Vortex Of Desire 09. Submit 2 Me 10. Autoluminescent Sex 11. Psychomentsrum 12. AS-FIX-8 +++ will release Eat My Fuck in May 2014.