Aphex Twin Kickstarter campaign smashes target

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  • Fans of Richard D. James have already doubled the asking price to buy a ultra-rare test pressing of the Caustic Window LP and distribute it digitally.
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  • The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to buy a test pressing of Aphex Twin's unreleased 1994 LP as Caustic Window has already doubled its target. The campaign started after attention was drawn to a mysterious seller who posted a test pressing of the record on Discogs with an asking price of US$13,500. As FACT reports, Aphex Twin fans on the We Are The Music Makers forum banded together to form a Kickstarter campaign to raise the cash for the record. The plan is to rip the vinyl to digital format and distribute it between those who chipped in with the Kickstarter pledge of US$16, before selling the vinyl copy on eBay. The proceeds of the eBay sale will be divided three ways between Rephlex/Aphex Twin (as a royalty payment), the Kickstarter contributors and a charity. According to WATMM forum administrator Joyrex, a deal has been struck with Rephlex and the seller to purchase the record for £5000 (about US$8,360). With 29 days still to go, the campaign has already raised US$18,500—double the pledged target. According to the Kickstarter page, "the label and Richard James himself agreed to offer one-time distribution rights so the people contributing to this Kickstarter would have a once-in-a-lifetime [chance] to own tracks from arguably one of the rarest electronic music (non) releases of all time." The Caustic Window LP was originally due out on Rephlex in 1994. It was never released, and it's believed only four test pressing copies existed. These were apparently owned by Richard James, Mike Paradinas, Chris Jeffs (AKA Cylob) and Rephlex co-founder Grant Wilson-Claridge.