Jennifer Cardini oversees Correspondant compilation

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  • Kasper Bjørke, The Asphodells and Mugwump all feature on the French label's latest collection.
  • Jennifer Cardini oversees Correspondant compilation image
  • Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant label will release a compilation this month. The 12-track selection showcases the kind of cosmic-tinged disco and house the Parisian label is known for, with tracks from Hardway Bros, Massimiliano Pagliara, Red Axes, Kasper Bjørke and Mugwump, while Andrew Weatherall and Timothy Fairplay also appear as The Asphodells. In addition to the full CD and digital versions, two vinyl samplers are also in the works. (The digital version features four additional tracks by Hofbahn, Carreno Is LB, Dionigi and Danny Benedettini). You can listen to snippets of the first 12-inch sampler via the SoundCloud player below:
    Tracklist 01. Sexy Lazer & Oculus – Dogs Of BKK 02. Man Power – Hula 03. Massimiliano Pagliara – Synced Below 04. Kasper Bjorke – One Night At Nuba 05. Geoffroy Mugwump & DC Salas – Caltrops 06. Hardway Bros – 14.06.13 24 07. Golden Bug feat. Lady Maru – Fax, Flipper And Cigarettes 08. Red Axes feat. Jen – This Is X 09. The Asphodells – Prejoy (Barbaric SplendourVersion) 10. Javi Redondo – Insight 11. Andre Bratten – Trommer Og Bass 12. Paresse – Hunters In The Snow Correspondant will release Compilation 02 on March 24th, 2014.