Rework drop album on Visionquest

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  • Hitting the shops in May, You Play will be the third LP from the Franco-German trio.
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  • Rework will release their latest full-length, You Play, through Visionquest in May. Started by German duo Daniel Varga and Michael Kuebler in 2000, Rework added Sascha Hedgehog, front girl of French beat­punk band Les Quitriche, to the equation five years later. Despite having developed a strong relationship with Playhouse, who put out their first album, the trio will turn to Visionquest for their latest project. Following on from last year's Touch EP, the album sees Varga and Kuebler try their hand at club-orientated grooves, complemented by Hedgehog's musings on love (in both French and English). Across its 11 tracks, You Play moves between moments of bouncy synth-pop ("Perfect Gun"), dark deep house ("Your Play") and the occasional flash of techno ("TheTwoSides".) Tracklist 01. Ask You 02. Rise and Fall 03. Flowers and Girlfriends 04. Perfect Gun 05. You Play 06. Bouncing Baby 07. Can You Trust Me 08. I Cannot Say 09. When You're Close To Someone 10. The Two Sides 11. Dreaming is Fun Visionquest will release Your Play on May 26th, 2014.