KiNK's debut album is Under Destruction

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  • Macro will release the Bulgarian producer's first full-length in May.
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  • KiNK will release his debut album Under Destruction on May 5th. Bulgaria's Strahil Velchev has earned a reputation as a champion of hardware and a pioneer of live dance music sets, known for his flamboyant and often zany stage antics. He came to prominence with a steady stream of releases on Boe, Ovum, Rush Hour and plenty more, which channeled Detroit and Chicago influences, including highlights like 2010's Rachel EP and its "Changes Of Life"-referencing track "Existence." After a year when Velchev expanded his resumé to include 12-inches on Systematic and Dirtybird, he'll make yet another label debut with Under Destruction, which will land on Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen's Macro. Perhaps the best reflection of his live set yet, the LP was reportedly built from a series of live jamming sessions in his hometown of Sofia. Tracklist 01. Dama 02. Summa Technologiae 03. Vodolaz 04. Sintezator 05. Source Of Uncertainty 06. Povreda 07. Kakavida 08. Tok 09. Teleport 10. Melodia 11. Tel 12. Kokiche Macro will release Under Destruction on May 5th, 2014.