Voices From The Lake sign up to The Bunker New York

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  • Donato Dozzy and Neel will preside over the third release from the New York label.
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  • The third release on Bryan Kasenic's label The Bunker New York is by Voices From The Lake. The roots of Velo Di Maya can be traced back to Donato Dozzy and Neel's appearances at one of The Bunker's parties in New York in July 2012. That show, which took place in the back room of the now-closed Public Assembly, is rated by the party's crew as "one of the greatest nights of music in the history of The Bunker." It consisted of a six-hour performance that was split into a back-to-back DJ set and two separate live sets of unreleased material. "We immediately got on them about their plans for the tracks," the label says. "We agreed on our favorite segments, and they produced live studio tracks based on those excerpts." Velo Di Maya will be the pair's first full release as Voices From The Lake since 2012. It's the third release on The Bunker label, following the inaugural release from Leisure Muffin and a follow-up from Clay Wilson. You can listen to clips from Velo Di Maya via the SoundCloud player below:
    Tracklist 01. Velo Di Maya 02. Sentiero 03. Respiro (live edit) The Bunker New York will release Velo Di Maya on March 10th, 2014.