Airdrop turns five with Cinq

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  • Label artists like Soul Clap, Le Loup and Ark all feature on the double-vinyl set, which is set for release this March.
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  • Airdrop Records will celebrate its fifth birthday with a compilation called Cinq. The label, founded in France but now run out of Berlin and Brooklyn, kicked off with one of Soul Clap's first releases. They've grown at a quick clip ever since, breaking off three sublabels—Aux-Rec, Greener and Groovear—and churning out a few dozen vinyl and digital releases. Cinq is Airdrop's 25th physical transmission, and it features a number of artists who have been central to the label's story, like Nail, Andrés Zacco, Franco Cinelli and the aforementioned American duo. Two 12-inches form the backbone of the set, with a mix CD, special sticker and handstamped sleeve rounding out the package. It's set to land this March, which, as the label notes, makes this a belated birthday celebration—Airdrop actually got its start in March 2008. Tracklist A1 Psynote AKA Franco Cinelli – P_FunkyNote A2 Soul Clap – Cuttin-n-Scratchin B1 Andrés Zacco – Dieffenbach Dreams B2 Le Loup – Exposure C1 Ark – Final Disorder C2 Leonel Castillo – Soul D1 Alejandro Mosso – Tiroalaire D2 Nail – Whisper Deep Dub Airdrop will release Cinq on March 10th, 2014.