Mike Dehnert announces new album, Lichtbedingt

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  • Delsin will put out the German techno head's next full-length.
  • Mike Dehnert announces new album, Lichtbedingt image
  • Mike Dehnert will return to Delsin with a new album called Lichtbedingt, due out in March. Though he's released a few digital albums in the past, Lichtbedingt will only be the second to come out on vinyl and CD, following 2011's Framework. As with that LP, Lichtbedingt will be released via Dutch outlet Delsin. Dehnert says that while Framework "focused on the heavy techno form," Lichtbedingt is broader in scope, touching on broken beats, swung house and beatless experimental productions. The album's title translates to "depends on light." As Dehnert explains: "I have noticed that sometimes the success of a track depends on the light at club, which is why the album is called Lichtbedingt." You can listen to clips of the whole LP via the SoundCloud player below:
    Tracklist 01. Intro 02. Construction 03. Emlo 04. Channeled 05. Movement 06. Remove 07. Woop 08. Single Action 09. Espace 10. ReRe 11. Quadrature 12. En Outre Delsin will release Lichtbedingt on March 17th, 2014.