Vessel, Jabu and El Kid are Killing Sound

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  • The trio will release their first EP in March through Blackest Ever Black.
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  • Blackest Ever Black will release the first EP from Killing Sound—a new project from Vessel, Jabu and El Kid—on March 17th. Real names Seb Gainsborough, Amos Childs and Sam Kidel, all three artists are members of the Bristol-based Young Echo collective (whom we interviewed last year). The group have become known, collectively and individually, for darker-shaded takes on experimental dance music and dub. Their new EP as Killing Sound takes it one step further into drone and ambient territory. First teased last summer, the label calls the bass-heavy tracks "oblique soundsystem murderers," with the self-titled double-EP's four tracks "cut obnoxiously loud across four sides." Check out clips from the EP below.
    Tracklist A Six Harmonies B Thousand Hands C Eight Methods D Water Boxing Blackest Ever Black will release Killing Sound on March 17th, 2014.