It's Album Time for Todd Terje

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  • We speak to the Norwegian producer ahead of his debut full-length, due out in April.
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  • Todd Terje will release his debut album, It's Album Time, on April 7th. The LP will see release on Terje's own label, Olsen Records. It features four of the Norwegian's recent hits—"Inspector Norse," "Strandbar" and "Swing Star" parts 1 and 2—in addition to eight unreleased cuts. Though the record contains the producer's signature blend of humour and colourful disco-indebted tunes, it's been tailored for listening at home. "My 12-inches are clearly made to be played by DJs and follow certain rules, but I tried to be more playful with this album," Terje told RA. It's Album Time features one notable collaboration, with Roxy Music's Brian Ferry providing the vocals on "Johnny And Mary" (a cover of Robert Palmer). In a press release penned by Gerd Janson, the album is described as a showcase of Terje's "brazen lust for melody." In keeping with previous Terje records for Olsen, the artwork is by illustrator Bendik Kaltenborn. We spoke with Terje about the record via email last week:
    Why have you decided to release a debut album now? Why not? It was about time to grow up. Making 12-inch singles won't make my parents proud. This will forever put me in the Olsen hall of fame. Look what my son made! Where did you record it, and how long did it take? Although I'm a fan of albums that are made in a short period of time, my tracks are slightly spread out. The new tracks (there will be a few of the old ones too) were made within the last two years. Some were made as commissioned work for a music festival, some were sketches I had written down (in words) on my phone within the last year, and a couple of tracks were made a few weeks before mastering. How would you describe the sound of the album in relation to your most recent singles? As I think music should be presented in the right context, I didn't want to put a bunch of kick drum tracks on an album which you normally listen to outside of a club. I hope I won't lose too many listeners though, hehe. Tell us a bit about your new live show and how it ties in with the sound and feel of the album. It definitely won't be a "Todd Terje tours his new album" type of live show, as some of the music isn't really suited for the dance floors I'm normally booked to play in front of. It will be a mix of everything I've done so far. Style-wise, it would probably be built up like a DJ set, but played live. So don't worry, no need to bring a chair.
    Terje will embark on a live tour during February, March and April, with dates in Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon and Milan. The London launch party will take place at Oval Space on Saturday, March 8th. Terje will play live, with Bicep and Maurice Fulton also on the bill. He'll also play the Bugged Out! Weekender in Southport on March 7th. Tracklist 01. Intro (It's Album Time) 02. Leisure Suit Preben 03. Preben Goes To Acapulco 04. Svensk Sås 05. Strandbar 06. Delorean Dynamite 07. Johnny And Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry) 08. Alfonso Muskedunder 09. Swing Star Part I 10. Swing Star Part II 11. Oh Joy 12. Inspector Norse Olsen Records will release It's Album Time on April 7th, 2014.