Full details of Untold's Black Light Spiral LP emerge

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  • "I've eaten all the snacks and now it's time for supper." The Hemlock boss unveils his debut full-length.
  • Full details of Untold's Black Light Spiral LP emerge image
  • Full details of Untold's debut album, Black Light Spiral, have been confirmed. Though initial news of the record was first announced back in November, the artwork and tracklist have now been revealed. Black Light Spiral was recorded over a week in London last summer. "I just threw it down really fast before breaking down my studio as I was moving," the producer, real name Jack Dunning, told RA. "[The album] is based on notes I'd written in 2012 and the concepts were already fully formed, so it was just a case of getting onto a good workflow." Black Light Spiral's raucous sound delves deeper into the influences Untold has explored in previous singles, from jungle and dubstep to techno and hardcore. In the coming months Dunning will embark on a tour in support of the LP, with live visuals provided by Current Current. In the meantime, you can stream one of the album's tracks, "Drop It On The One," over at the Hemlock SoundCloud page. We spoke with Dunning via email this week to find out more about the record and his plans for 2014:
    Your debut album will arrive after six years of putting out singles and EPs. Why now? I've eaten all the snacks and now it's time for supper. Is there a particular kind of mood or energy you're trying to convey on this record? I wanted to create an artifact that felt freshly unearthed. The LP is coming out on your own label, Hemlock. Did you have a sounding board for the album, someone you sought advice from before putting it out there? There was very little discussion actually, we had the tracks and they sounded like they wanted to be on Hemlock. We had a clear schedule and were ready to put out something more ambitious. What else have you got in the works for 2014? I'll be touring the album with live visuals from Current Current, as well as some experimental modular synth performances with the London Modular Alliance, the first of which will be at the V&A Museum in London on January 31st.
    Tracklist 01. 5 Wheels 02. Drop It On The One 03. Sing A Love Song 04. Doubles 05. Wet Wool 06. Strange Dreams 07. Hobthrush 08. Ion Hemlock Recordings will release Black Light Spiral on February 24th, 2014.