Remute compiles Classics, too.

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  • The oddball German producer will release a selection of his forgotten dance floor gems in March.
  • Remute compiles Classics, too. image
  • Remute has announced details of a new compilation, Classics, too., surfacing on his self-titled label early next year. Real name Denis Karimani, the Hamburg-based artist has enjoyed a prolific 2013. Since the release of his latest LP in June, Karimani has put out over 200 tracks, including the likes of "Obama In Berlin", "Ex-Pope" and "Do You Know Anything About Techno?" The new 14-track release is the second of its kind, following last year's Classics. Classics, too. will act as a small retrospective of Karimani's more dance floor-centric work, bringing together "tunes which due to bad release timing or other odd circumstances probably got overlooked a bit and for sure deserve a second chance." Closing out the compilation is an unreleased remix of "Zuendli" from Chicago techno veteran DJ Rush, which you can stream via SoundCloud. Tracklist 01. Does Time Really Exist, If The Past Has Already Happened, Present Instantly Becomes The Past And The Future Did Not Happen Yet?! ('I don't know' Version) 02. 2D 03. Dressed For Success 04. Eins, Zwei, Polizei! 05. Hamburger Doom 06. Cowbell Mania Part 1 07. Hop 08. Joking About Death 09. Lampuca For Me 10.The Orgy part 2 11.Mess Hypnosis 12.Blaeserli (The End) 13.Welcome To Your Doom (Punks Jump Up Remix) 14.Zuendli (DJ Rush Remix) Remute will release Classics, too.on March 4th, 2014.