Kris Wadsworth prepares second album

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  • The American producer will return to Hypercolour for his next LP, Popularity, in February.
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  • Kris Wadsworth will release a new album called Popularity in February. The Detroit-raised artist is returning to Hypercolour after several years of releasing on other labels (including a release on HYPE LTD in 2012). He was behind some of the UK label's earliest hit 12-inches, notably 2009's "Mainline", but it was Get Physical that ended up releasing his first LP late last year. He's also had a string of EPs for imprints like Morris Audio and NRK. The first half of Popularity is purported to be a more light-hearted affair (including the opening "Hypercolour Theme," not to mention track titles like "Cock Soup" and "Hot Karl"), while the second part is tinged slightly darker, apparently inspired by his recent run of self-released singles as Uranus. The record even ends with a dip into jungle, what Wadsworth himself describes as "the purest form of terror [he's] made to date." The album will come on CD, digital and triple-vinyl format, and it's also the first full-length on the former Label of the Month. Tracklist 01. Hypercolour Theme 02. Hot Karl 03. Cock Soup 04. Neo Nasty 05. Public Relations 06. Verhexen 07. Evolove 08. Mesmerist 09. Popularity 10. Common Knowledge Hypercolour will release Popularity in February 2014.