Trouw to close in 2015

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  • As it enters its final year, the much-loved Amsterdam club will ban cameras and stop presales on regular nights as of January 1st, 2014.
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  • Amsterdam nightclub Trouw will close in 2015. Announcing the news via a statement on their website, owners said they would enforce two significant changes to ensure they "take the last year to an absolute climax": cameras will be banned and they will no longer sell presale tickets to regular club nights, meaning tickets are only available on the door. Both changes will come into place on January 1st, 2014, and run for the entire year. "The reason for this decision is because we want to protect the freedom Trouw provides and in a sense give this freedom back to our visitors," the statement reads. "Currently, we're witnessing that a lot of popular events sell out completely in presale, which automatically excludes a lot of people. But possibly of even greater importance: the excitement surrounding the nights, the spontaneity and the freedom are being jeopardized. In the last year we want to make sure that we don't become part of this hype." On the topic of banning cameras, the club says: "We hope that when the cameras are gone, a feeling will emerge whereby everyone can do, act and wear whatever he/she pleases. What happens in Trouw, stays in Trouw." Cameras were banned at this year's Unsound festival in Poland, and they've long been outlawed at Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin. Since opening in 2009, the club, located in a former newspaper printing works, has earned a reputation as one of Europe's best party spots—it's also where we've hosted an annual RA party as part of Amsterdam Dance Event. Earlier this year it was granted a 24-hour license by Dutch authorities. The statement doesn't reveal why the club is closing.