Seth Troxler announces 2014 residencies

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  • The globetrotting jock will hold down regular slots at Output, Trouw, fabric and DC-10.
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  • Seth Troxler has revealed plans for regular slots at Trouw, Output, fabric and Ibiza's Circoloco in 2014. Troxler will play regularly at each venue: this includes ten Circo Loco dates at DC-10 across the summer, and quarterly residencies at Output in New York and Amsterdam's Trouw (the former being a mix of all-night sets and events where he picks the lineup, while the latter will see him cook at the club's restaurant as well as DJ). The fabric slot isn't a residency as such—Craig Richards and Terry Francis remain the club's only full-time jocks—but he will play Room One once every three months. We caught up with Troxler via email to ask how he sees the shows panning out:
    What led to the decision to do a series of quarterly residencies in 2014? The decision was actually very basic. Clubbing is the foundation of dance music culture and it's been something that I've loved doing for literally half my life. The energy, intimacy and experience of being in a club is totally different than being in a festival or a large one-off event. Recently I've been feeling that the wider parameters of dance music are changing, becoming driven by new forces with ulterior motives, and not necessarily any longer by those whom I like to refer to as "lifers": those people who have devoted their lives to electronic music, be it producing, promoting, DJing, record buying etc. As an artist I found myself playing more and more of these large events and I started to feel a disconnection from my fans and also myself. So after two years of non-stop travel to festivals around the world, I have decided to get back to my roots and concentrate on playing at my favorite clubs on a regular basis. This will involve launching a series of quarterly residencies at key venues where I can bring the DJs that I respect the most, like Craig Richards and Ben UFO, to play alongside me and build an ongoing story with the crowd over the course of the year. At many of the shows I'll be playing extended sets or sometimes the entire night, and repeating this regularly throughout the year to maintain a sense of progression and continuity. What do you see as the main advantage of holding a club residency? I think the main advantage of playing at a club regularly is that you're able to experiment, invest in the crowd and get a real feel for the club. When you get to a city and see the familiar faces, from the promoters to the bar staff, some of which you will have been working with for years, there is a familiarity that allows you to take chances that you might not dare to take elsewhere. When I'm feeling completely comfortable, I generally perform at my best and hopefully can give the people that little bit of extra magic that they came for. I want to have these special experiences on a regular basis, so you can finish up the night thinking 'I'll see you all in a couple of months' not 'this time next year'! I guess in a funny way some clubs are nearly as old as some of my oldest friends, and like good friends the more time you invest in them, the more you realize about yourself, and why you're such old friends in the first place. Can you tell us why you ended up working with the clubs you've chosen? The clubs I chose are a collection of places I've played at regularly throughout the years, the ones that, for the main part, have supported me since the get-go and that I love coming back to. Output in New York is the exception to this: it only opened earlier this year but I fell in love with it the first time I played there, and asked Nicolas, the owner, to have me back four times next year. In my mind these places are pushing forward the boundaries of what we do, these are the clubs where I want to spend my time, devote my energy, and do what I love doing more than almost anything, which is playing records and hanging out. Does holding a residency at Circo Loco differ from other clubs? The crowd must of course be different most weeks. Being part of the Circo Loco/DC-10 family is different from many clubs, and not because of the changing weekly crowd (who really know their music), or the fact that it's like a blank canvas where you can play records and take chances. The real difference is the closeness I share with the other residents and guests at the club. To be with a group of such inspiring people really gives me the motivation to play my best. From the moment I walk through the door I feel totally at home. From the door to the floor, these are my people—everyone from the locals to visiting friends, tourists, the staff and security. Going to DC-10 is like being in a twisted version of an episode of Cheers. Circo Loco stands for underground quality and clubbing fundamentals, to have a place in the midst of all of this is an honour. I wish could say it was bringing heat to the street every day of the week, but it's only open on Mondays and Wednesdays.