Eats Everything announced as XOYO resident

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  • The Bristol jock will be the first DJ to take up the East London club's run of 12-week long residencies.
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  • Eats Everything will host a three-month residency at XOYO starting in January. The Bristol jock is the first in a year-long project that will see the East London club offer 12-week Saturday night residencies to four different DJs. "Though not a new concept, it’s one that we feel is missing from present day clubland," says XOYO owner Andy Peyton. Eats Everything said he hoped to "have some great nights and really push where we can go musically, God only knows what I'll throw in and you can expect all sorts of mucking around on the decks with the other special guests playing each week." His first slot is on Saturday, January 11th. Full details of the support acts for the shows will be announced next month. We spoke with Andy Peyton to find out more:
    Tell us a bit about the concept. How did you come up with the idea and how do you feel it'll mark a return to original club culture? We bought the venue in September 2012, and my initial priority was to make the programming better and to fill the club, very much with my promoter head on. 13 months in and I haven't missed a weekend so far, and being there so often I really thought less about selling tickets, and more about who I would be listening to that night, and how much of a difference on the night a really great DJ made. I felt that if we had a good enough DJ playing every week, people would come to trust us to provide a great night for them. I also really liked the Ibiza concept of playing for a 'season,' and thought if we said in advance that each resident would play for 12 weeks it would be a great way to steer the musical direction of the club in a deliberate way, rather than the rat race of booking in who agents happened to have available on any given Saturday. Of course there are residencies already, but a resident that headlines the club in the way that Erol Alkan and Andrew Weatherall did in the past seems to be lacking a bit at the moment. Why did you choose Eats Everything as the first DJ? I came up with the idea in April, and was met with a lot of skepticism initially from anyone I spoke to about it. We wanted someone who had a lot of experience as a DJ, not a bedroom producer with a couple of hits, and we wanted someone with quite diverse taste. To be honest, he was my first choice. Dan and his whole team got it straight away and have been amazing to work with. So many other DJs have love for him, and it feels like he's proven himself this year, especially in Ibiza. Can you give us any hints at who else you've got locked in? We have the second resident (April, May and June) confirmed, but the third and fourth quarter hasn't been decided yet. That's very much a conscious decision; XOYO is a work in progress, we put every penny we make back into refurbishments and improvements, and I want the musical direction to be a work in progress, too.
    Tickets to the first party are available here on RA.