DJ Harvey reissues Sarcastic Study Masters

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  • The UK DJ's near-mythical mix from 2001 is getting a limited edition repress.
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  • DJ Harvey is reissuing his lauded Sarcastic Study Masters mix from back in 2001. Originally made as a tie-in with LA's Sarcastic Clothing, the original mix was given away in an oversized sleeve as part of a Japanese promotional campaign, with a few other copies distributed here and there as well. Sarcastic Study Masters Volume 2, recorded entirely from Harvey's vinyl collection, turned out to be a landmark moment for the pioneering UK DJ, in his website's own words introducing "a generation to the wonders of mid-tempo European music including sleaze, balearic, afro, and ultimately cosmic disco" across 23 tracks. The CD is available for purchase at Harvey's BigCartel page and this time comes in a simple CD wallet, with supplies limited. Tracklist 01. I Saw You... Walking In The Rain 02. Church Boyz 03. This Song Changed My Life 04. Electric Lotus 05. Flying Ping-Pong 06. Desperate But Not Serious 07. Cruzin' 08. Baleric Frogs 09. Don't You Know, Don't You Know I Did It? 10. Sexy Woman Singing On The Beach 11. What's That One Again, Harv? 12. Chadski's Jam 13. Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls 14. Relax Don't Do It 15. Paws 16. Chicken McNugget Hideout 17. Tim D-O-Double G 18. Flying 19. Cafe De Bassett 20. Big Frizz 21. Poz Two 22. Deep Penetration 23. Eternal Vegan Crystals DJ Harvey reissued Sarcastic Study Masters Vol. 2 on November 4th, 2013.