Hivern Discs remix The xx

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  • New Jackson, Marc Piñol, Mistakes Are Ok and new signing Round have taken on cuts from the indie darlings on a new EP.
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  • Four artists from the Hivern Discs roster have remixed tracks from The xx's album Coexist for an EP set for release next month. As John Talabot's Barcelona label tells it, the UK indie band and their label, Young Turks, approached them about gathering some remixes. "It was a big honour and also a big responsibility," the label write, "especially considering that The xx is one of our favourite bands." Each of the four artists chosen for HVNXXMarc Piñol, New Jackson, Mistakes Are Ok and new signing Round—take on a different cut from The xx's 2012 full-length, infusing it with the sort of abstract yet sunny house vibe Hivern Discs has been pushing these last few years. (Talabot and Pional, the obvious exclusions, have already put forward their contribution, a collaborative remix on a12-inch released early this year.) You can hear both tracks over on the Hivern website. The video clip for Marc Piñol's remix of "Fiction" is viewable below:
    Tracklist 01. Fiction (Marc Piñol Remix) 02. Reunion (Mistakes Are Ok Remix) 03. Missing (Round Remix) 04. Swept Away (New Jackson Remix) Hivern Discs and Young Turks will release HVNXX in November 2013.