Graze present debut album, Edges

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  • Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen's project will release its first full-length in December.
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  • Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen's Graze project will release an album called Edges on December 3rd. The two producers hail from the same suburb of Toronto—they even attended the same high school—but they didn't cross paths until later in life. Individually they orbit different musical worlds: Marshall dabbles in house and techno, while Andersen has usually dealt in a more broken-beat style inspired by dubstep and garage. Graze has served as a project where they can explore their own slant on bass music. Their collaboration began a few years back when both artists were living in Berlin (Andersen has now returned to Toronto), and they've already released two EPs this year, Graze and Nevermore. As with those records, Edges will come out on Marshall's New Kanada label. It will be preceded by a 12-inch single, which is due out on in mid-November. This week we spoke with Marshall via email to find out more about the album.
    Can you tell us about how this album came together? Where was it recorded? Like the last EP, we did the main production work in relative isolation from each other. The tracks were started last winter, and then refined and carved out during our string of live performances at the beginning of this summer. But the main arrangement, and more in-depth production work, to take the tracks from rough grooves into more finished pieces, was done after the touring was over, with me back in Berlin, and Christian in Toronto. How would you describe this LP in contrast to the first two Graze records? I'd describe it as quite a natural progression from the last EP. I think we're still moving in the same direction style-wise (although what that is exactly we're not sure), but these new tracks move in a few new directions and moods. It's still aimed at the club floor, but the tracks are a bit more aggressively raw and bittersweet. What else have you got in store before the year’s out? We really enjoyed our performances earlier this summer—including our premiere at MUTEK—so I think we'd like to focus on doing more of that after the album comes out.
    Tracklist 01. Skip/Crush 02. Cold Drop 03. Airror 04. Scrap 05. Stack Array 06. Ripley 07. GoldN 08. Oath New Kanada will release Edges on December 3rd, 2013.