Ryoji Ikeda presents Supercodex for Raster-Noton

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  • The Japanese artist will complete his trilogy of solo albums for the German label next month.
  • Ryoji Ikeda presents Supercodex for Raster-Noton image
  • Ryoji Ikeda will release his third album for Raster-Noton on November 18th. Supercodex is the final instalment in Ikeda's "datamatics" trilogy for the German avant-garde label, described as "an ongoing exploration of the potential to perceive the invisible multi–substance of data that permeates our world," focusing on the twin themes of how sound is turned into data and how data can be turned into sound. The third album in the trilogy is the most self-referential yet, borrowing and processing sounds from the last two records (2005's Dataplex and 2008's Test Pattern) as well as his other projects and installations. It also contains elements of his new project Superposition, a two-person performance inspired by "quantum information," that he launched last year. The new LP will also form the basis of a Supercodex live set, slated to debut in Tokyo next month. Tracklist 01. Supercodex 01 02. Supercodex 02 03. Supercodex 03 04. Supercodex 04 05. Supercodex 05 06. Supercodex 06 07. Supercodex 07 08. Supercodex 08 09. Supercodex 09 10. Supercodex 10 11. Supercodex 11 12. Supercodex 12 13. Supercodex 13 14. Supercodex 14 15. Supercodex 15 16. Supercodex 16 17. Supercodex 17 18. Supercodex 18 19. Supercodex 19 20. Supercodex 20 Raster-Noton will release Supercodex on November 18th, 2013.